ZE 2010


Facade Notching Machine

General Features 

• It performs the notching operations on Aluminum Facade and Joinery profiles.
• It is a high performance aluminum profile cutting machine with wide cutting range.
• It is ideal for difficult applications in the manufacture of facade profiles, winter gardens, domes and special constructions.
• Thanks to the movable saw unit and the processing of the fixed profile, it provides high precision and low space requirement.
• Thanks to its wide backgauge, it provides the opportunity to process multiple profiles at the same time.
• It has a linear guide, angle adjustable and pneumatically controlled support table that provides optimum efficiency from the cutting area.
• Profiles can be placed horizontally or vertically.
• Saw cooling is performed with the pulverized lubrication system.
• Saw positioning has high precision thanks to its Servo Controlled feature.
• Ø 650 mm Carbide Saw speed with inverter control is 1500 rpm.
• The maximum profile capacity that can be processed is 300 mm x 300 mm. (Height x Width)
• The maximum Notch Height that can be machined is 260 mm, and the maximum Notch Width is 260 mm.
• After notching, it can drill the mounting connection holes with a Ø4 mm drill.


• Worktable with ideal working height provides maximum ergonomics.
• Through the magnetic ring encoder, precise angle control can be made from the screen.
• Profiles can be placed by adjusting between -60° and +60° degree range.
• Even in angled profile operations, high precision machining is performed thanks to themovability saw unit and fixed of the profile.

Saw Working Range

Notching operations can be performed through the movable saw group and the 300° saw blade spacing.

Technical parameters

Profile End Milling Dimensions:

Maximum Profile Section To Be Machined (a x h) mm 300 x 300
Maximum Cross Section of End Milling (a x h) mm 260 x 260

Saw Motor power kW 2.2
Diameter mm 650
Cycle rpm 1500
Cutting Angle ° 320°-180°
Air Pressure bar (6 - 8)
Total Air Consumption l/min 175
Feed Voltage V 400
Power kW 4.5
Sound Noise d(b) 96

Machine Dimensions:

Length (L) mm 2430
Width (W) mm 2086
Height (H) mm 1994

Net Machine Weight kg 2130
Gross weight kg 2240

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