5 Axis CNC Machining Center

ZC 3052

- Robust mechanical structure suitable for high speed
- Axis velocities whose average exceed 100 m/min
- Profiling length 7630 mm
- Double station profiling length 3615 mm x 2
- Machinable profile section size 450 x 300 mm
- Number of clamps is 10
- Spindle motor 11-13.5 kW 24,000 rpm
- The number of magazine sets is 12 pieces
- Ø 400 mm saw
- Mitsubishi CNC control unit
- Automatic tool length measuring
- Automatic positioning vices
- Automatic tool recovery in case of power failure

- Mechanical structure that can process aluminum and steel profiles at high speed and high quality
- Stress relieved cast and welded parts to ensure consistent high speed accuracy
- Axis velocities whose average exceed 100 m/min
- Milling, notching, drilling, threading, countersinking, cutting, etc. ability
- Machining length in single station operation 7630 mm
- Machining length in double station operation 3615 mm x 2
- Machinable profile section size 450 x 300 mm
- Coolant spray system

Control Panel
- Versatile adjustable, ergonomic kiosk
- 19'' screen
- User-friendly Kaban interface with Windows-based, easily adjustable parametric structure
- Compatibility with .NCX extension software
- High performance 4+1 axis Mitsubishi CNC control unit
- Communication via Ethernet
- Working with G-Code
- Data transfer via USB and COM Port

- Servo-controlled positioning with increased torque
- Liquid cooled 8.5 kW 24,000 rpm spindle with thermostat sensor
- Tool cooling system with oil-air mixture spray speed adjustment, liquid level sensor
- Tool holder and tool holder cleaning system
- Tool change safety protocols written to minimize operator errors as much as possible

- Magazine with a capacity of 12 tools.
- Tool change feature in maximum 4 seconds.
- It saves time by changing tools while moving from operation to operation on the part.
- Ø200mm saw can be mounted.

Saw Magazine
- It has a magazine for the saw
- Tool change feature in maximum 8 seconds
- Easy design for saw replacement
- Saws up to maximum Ø400mm can be installed

Automatic Tool Length Measuring
- Precise tool length measurement

Profile Supports
- Automatic profile support system on both sides
- Suitable for working with long profiles

- Profile loading is very easy as the clamp fixings are on the front side
- There are 10 clamps as standard. The number of clamps can be increased as an option
- Since the surfaces on which the profile sits are roller system, it provides profile sliding comfort on the clamp surface
- According to the prescriptions on the workpiece, the clamps take servo-controlled automatic position
- Easy part resetting with double-sided profile resting system
- It offers the possibility to process profiles in long lengths
- Ø400 mm saw can be used for notching the ends of the profiles
- Thanks to the pressure regulator, the clamp tightness can be adjusted according to the profile thickness
- Parts smaller than 300mm can be held and cut with a single clamp
- Thanks to the profile transport system with vice, the saw can easily enter

Chip Conveyor
- Chip conveyor for waste parts

- Ability to continue from where it left off in case of power failure with UPS system
- Automatic recovery function that sends the spindle to the safe zone
- Safety in operation with protective fences and safety barriers
- Safety labels

Technical support
- Periodic maintenance reminder function
- Service support via remote connection

Barcode Printer
Handwheel - Moving axes manually
Electronic Probe - Renishaw - Dimension control of machined or to be machined parts
Angle Tool Holder - Angled tool holder that can machine the bottom and face of the part

The machines illustrated on this website are under continuous development, we reserve the right to change dimensions and designs. The illustrations may differ from the actual version of the machines and/or may include options at extra cost.