Automatic Roller Conveyor with Automatic Adjustment and Positioning


Automatic Roller Conveyor with Automatic Adjustment and Positioning


The ASP is an automated stop and positioning system. 10′ (3 m) is the standard conveyor length. It comes also in 20′ (6 m) length. It is equipped with a control panel for automatic positioning, and a touch screen operator panel for cut list creation.  Carrying capacity is 20 lb/m (9 kg/m). Minimum cutting length is 5mm.

Technical parameters
  • PLC Windows CE Operation System
  • Memory: up to 1,200 cut lists memory for use with optimization system. Up to 5,000 cut lists memory if no optimization system is used.
  • Control panel, automatic positioning
  • Touch Screen operator panel
  • Cut list creation on the operator panel
  • 3000 mm (10’) standard conveyor length
  • Useful width: 250 mm (10”)
  • Carrying capacity 9 kg/m (20 lbs/m)
  • Min. cutting length: 5 mm
  • Also available in 6000 mm (20’)
  • Indexing speed: 20 meter (66′) / min.
  • Accuracy Tolerance: +/- 0.2 mm


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