Double Corner Welding Machine / Touch Screen


  • Pneumatic move, automatic running system
  • Maximum weld strength
  • Feature to automatically start and end
  • PLC control system
  • Simplified management board machine saves time
  • According to profile settings to make the clamp and welding pressure
  • 20mm fixed head left at the end of treatment with the reverse movement
  • Welded rods feature comfortable taking
  • The heating unit has a thermostatic controller
  • Which is fixed to the head left between 30 ° -180 ° angle of Welds
  • Moving right on the head with the knob is fixed
  • Voltage protection relay control unit is protected against surges
  • Degree from the digital display for easy replacement of the heating plate feature
  • Right & left profile support arms

Optional Equipment

  • Initially low clamping pressure safety feature
  • Barcode reader
Technical parameters


The machines illustrated on this website are under continuous development, we reserve the right to change dimensions and designs. The illustrations may differ from the actual version of the machines and/or may include options at extra cost.